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About Us

Founded in 2018, Cube One Studio is a Hong Kong-based design studio that provides high-quality production service. We aspire to create contents that are as perfect and impeccable as a cube. Our team consists of talents specializing in videography, photography, typography and graphic design. With great passion and experience, we are here to elevate your ideas with innovation, uniqueness and creativity.

The “PLAY” button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web. An effective video not only helps promote and advertise, but also engages the target audience. Our experienced team will assist you throughout the entire storytelling process, from conceptualization to post-production, and deliver your one-of-a-kind story in the format of a high-quality video.

Aiming to transform vague ideas into professional images, we provide one-stop photography services, such as portraits, product shots and fashion photographs, that are tailor made for you. Our photography experts will help visualize your concepts and ensure that everything is captured at the very best angle.

Texts can be appealing only if you know how to decorate it. Through arranging the spacing, font style and structure of different letters, our typographers will craft legible designs and convey messages that make your campaign stand out.

We provide graphic design services that encapsulate (but not limited to) packaging design, logo design and illustration. Our specialists have got you covered by setting no boundaries to their creativity and bringing aesthetic graphics to the table.

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